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  • Singapore carbon tax would hit refiners, help renewables

    From: Reuters - Tue 21, 03:02 AM

    SINGAPORE Singapore's proposed plan to tax greenhouse gas emissions would likely hit oil refiners hard, ramping up costs in an industry that has been central to the city-state's rapid development over the last half-century. Monday's announcement that a ...

  • Singapore’s home curbs may stay for some time: Lawrence Wong

    From: Today - Tue 21, 03:02 AM

    SINGAPORE — Singapore’s residential property curbs are expected to stay for some time as the city-state’s economy remains stable and demand is still “very resilient”, said Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance Lawrence ...

  • Singapore, UK renew bilateral Economic and Business Partnership

    From: Channel News A - Tue 21, 11:02 AM

    SINGAPORE: Singapore and the United Kingdom on Tuesday (Feb 21) renewed the bilateral Economic and Business Partnership (EBP), the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) announced in a news release. This paves the way for greater economic cooperation and ...

  • Sleep: Singapore

    From: natgeotravelle - Tue 21, 15:02 PM

    From its multi-award-winning airport to its sci-fi architecture and artsy enclaves, it’s clear Singapore loves intelligent design. It’s an appreciation that filters through to its hotel scene, where you’ll find everything from grande dames to ...

  • Netanyahu visits Singapore synagogue

    From: Arutz Sheva - Mon 20, 12:02 PM

    Speaking on Monday at a synagogue in Singapore during his first official visit to the country, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu emphasized the close relationship between the two nations and his hopes for a better world in the future. "I feel that ...

  • Israel Pivoting Towards Asia, Netanyahu Says on Singapore Trip

    From: - Tue 21, 22:02 PM

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in his visit to Singapore on Monday that “Israel is pivoting towards Asia in a very clear and purposeful way.” “Next month I’ll go to China, somewhat later this year Prime Minister Modi of India ...

  • Singapore to raise water price by 30% over two years

    From: AsiaOne - Tue 21, 05:02 AM

    Water prices in Singapore will be raised by 30 per cent over two years. And to encourage water conservation among non-domestic consumers, the Water Conservation Tax will now also be imposed on NEWater. The price hike will be made in two steps, on July 1 ...

  • Hong Kong and Singapore Rank in Top 5 Globally for Outrageous Home Rentals

    From: - Tue 21, 19:02 PM

    While Hong Kong may have distinguished itself as the least affordable place to own a home, residents of the Asian financial capital may take some comfort from the news that their city ranks only third in the world for degree of difficulty in renting a roof ...

  • Singapore says carbon tax likely to include oil refineries

    From: Reuters - Tue 21, 06:02 AM

    SINGAPORE A tax proposed by Singapore on emissions of greenhouse gases will likely cover the city-state's oil refineries, a government official said on Tuesday, driving up costs in one of the region's key energy hubs. Singapore said in budget proposals ...

  • 'Singapore-bound motorcyclists not behaving properly'

    From: Malaysiakini - Tue 21, 21:02 PM

    The Immigration Department has urged Singapore-bound motorcyclists using the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex and the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex (KSAB) (Second Link) to behave accordingly and comply with set regulations.

  • Singapore unveils bigger 2017/18 budget, but wary of global risks

    From: Reuters - Mon 20, 10:02 AM

    SINGAPORE Singapore presented a bigger budget for the coming year, providing support for the struggling sectors, but keeping a surplus in case global economic conditions worsen and put the city-state's growth at risk. Following up on recommendations by a ...

  • Singapore, Britain renew Economic and Business Partnership

    From: Xinhua News Ag - Tue 21, 15:02 PM

    SINGAPORE, Feb. 21 (Xinhua) -- Singapore and Britain renewed their Economic and Business Partnership (EBP) on Tuesday, paving the way for greater economic cooperation and new business opportunities in both countries, Singapore's Ministry of Trade and ...